Navigating the Arizona Service Delivery System

AzEIP-Arizona Early Intervention Program

Is your child under 3? Contact Arizona Early Intervention Program, otherwise known as AzEIP to determine if you are eligible to receive services. AzEIP provides Early Intervention services to children birth to three, using a team-based approach. The team’s focus is on collaborative coaching of families as the primary intervention strategy. The family and team work together to implement goals that achieve important functional outcomes in natural environments. For more information or questions, please visit or call AzEIP 602-532-9960, (Toll free in Arizona: 888-439-5609).

ALTCS-Arizona Long Term Care

Contact Arizona Long Term Care, or ALTCS to apply for Medicaid services. Medicaid is the funding source for habilitation and respite services for individuals with developmental disabilities in the state of Arizona. Click here to learn more about the ALTCS application process.


Have a question about the ALTCS Medical Pre-Admission Screening Tool, otherwise known as the PAS? The Arizona Autism Coalition created a presentation that explains the tool in great detail, and how is relates to autism. Click here to view. You can also view a copy of the AZ regulation regarding the PAS tool for individuals with Developmental Disabilities, Section R9-28-305, by clicking here.   For an example of the questions asked for children under age 6 (last revised 5/10)click here. For an example of the questions asked for individuals age 6 and older (last revised 1/2) click here.

What if my child doesn’t qualify?

Click here to learn more.

If your child is age 3+ and has a diagnosis of autism, he/she may also qualify for services through the special education department within your school district. Visit the Education and IEP Resources page to learn more.

Young Adult/Adult Services

If you have questions about supports and services for a young adult/adult with autism spectrum disorder, we recommend you visit the AZ ASSIST website. AZ ASSIST a supportive community where families of teens and young adults on the autism spectrum are empowered with the knowledge of public and private services and opportunities so that individuals can live as independently as they choose and access a variety of employment options, post-secondary education and social opportunities. They offer monthly support groups and activities across the Valley and are welcoming of new members. The Arizona Autism Coalition highly recommends this organization.

Other helpful Vocational Center links can be found on the Autism Community website, here.


Arizona Long Term Care (ALTCS): Arizona’s Medicaid system; funding source for services.

Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities (DES/DDD): provides services and programs to eligible individuals with developmental disabilities; coordinates services and resources through a central administrative office, six DES/DDD district offices and approximately 40 local offices in various communities throughout the state.

Habilitation: one-on-one therapy to teach and/or improve an individual’s daily living, social, gross/fine motor, communication, and/or memory and organization skills.

Habilitation providers will implement the goals and objectives written by the lead habilitation therapist.

Respite: a service designed for short-term, temporary care to our clients with the purpose of giving the parents a break from the everyday routine of raising a child with special needs. An important purpose of respite is to provide parents and families temporary relief to relax, run errands, etc.