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Get Involved and Vote

Individuals and families affected by disability matter. Your voice matters and the power of your vote can enhance or maintain the quality and quantity of services. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1 in 64 Arizona children are now diagnosed with autism. Legislators need to hear from their constituents so that the decisions they are making are the right ones for your family. The Arizona Autism Coalition is here to help you find your voice.

Are you a registered voter? If not, click below to get registered today!

The Arizona Autism Coalition collaborates with Protecting Arizona’s Family Coalition (PAFCO), Children’s Action Alliance, and Arizona Association of Providers for People with Disabilities (AAPPD) on public policy and voting efforts.

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Message from Autism Votes 

Our community has a chance to help our elected officials recognize autism as the urgent public health crisis it is. Recruit your friends & family to the Autism Votes program today by registering at because one in 88 can’t wait.  NOTE: Autism Speaks is a 501c3 and we cannot endorse any candidate for political office in any way – whether it is a soft or hard endorsement.  But we can encourage our community to get involved with the candidates of their choice, to participate in town halls and campaign stops to ask them questions and certainly to vote in November.  


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