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2017 Presentations

Driving Change—

From Specialization to Integration

Gary Brennan, FACHE, CHC - Keynote 

With 30 years of management and executive experience in primary, acute, behavioral healthcare and provider network organizations, Gary Brennan shares his experience as we embark on a new era of changes in the delivery of health care services. 

How I Found My Inner Aspergers and Put the Fun Back Into DysFUNctional

Dave Bachmann, Banner Academy 

As an educator of thirty years working with high functioning autistic children, I have come to appreciate the importance of humor. This presentation will explore how humor can be a useful tool in teaching social skills, demonstrate how humor can be employed as a vehicle for increasing awareness in parents and providers of student's unique social challenges and will show how humor can rejuvenate and inspire those who work with autistic children. It will be informative, fast-paced and fun!

Learning to Breathe: Benefits of Yoga for Autism

Melisa Doran Cole, Whole Child Yoga    

This presentation will focus on the benefits of a yoga practice specifically for children on the autism spectrum. We will discuss (and experience) how breathing techniques, gentle yoga poses and visualizations can create a sense of calm and security within our bodies. Yoga can help children to self-calm and self-regulate by increasing mindfulness of emotions and providing concrete tools that can be learned and prompted. Additionally, yoga increases body awareness, core strength, and can improve mental focus and self-esteem.

21st Century Learning: Targeting Technology Skills

Mai Ling Chan, MS, CCC-SLP, YappGuru University

All students benefit from developing a skill set which incorporates a strong basis in the use and incorporation of technology into their daily lives and career development. Learn how to identify student-appropriate and specific targets for tablet and AAC use which are aligned with essential skills defined by the Framework for 21st Century Learning including Innovation Skills, Information, Media and Technology Skills, and Life and Career Skills.

Behavior Skills Training in the Classroom

Heather Hall, Structured Autism Teacher, Paradise Valley School District

In this presentation you will learn the four behavior skill techniques that a teacher can use to help prepare their students with the appropriate behaviors they need to be successful. Through this presentation the audience will learn four behavior skills through hands on learning and some video modeling as well as learn ways to create classroom lessons.    

Supreme Court Rules: Higher Standards for Special Education Achievement

Parent Attorney Lori Kirsch-Goodwin, Kirsch-Goodwin & Kirsch, PLLC, and School Attorney Heather R. Pierson, Udall Shumway

The Supreme Court recently decided the case of "Endrew F" which addressed the FAPE standard that schools must provide. The case involved a child with autism. In this presentation, two nationally recognized special education attorneys will discuss how this case and other recent cases affect Arizona's students with autism, and the rights of parents in decision-making for their children's education, and the schools’ viewpoint. You will have a better understanding of what your child is entitled to, and how to better advocate for your child's needs.

Full Inclusion: How to Fight for the LRE and What to do When You Get It

Amy Langerman P.C. 

IDEA declares that children with disabilities be educated with non-disabled children to the maximum extent appropriate. This session will review the legal requirements for LRE, when a parent/district should provide it, and how to make inclusive practices work. Real life examples will be provided including how to write goals, technology supports and peer tutoring/mentoring.

ADHD and Autism: How They Overlap

Raun Melmed, MD, Melmed Center, SARRC

Core symptoms of ADHD and ASD along with some of their neurobiological characteristics will be compared. Common problems including issues of co-morbidity and social challenges will be explored. Screening as well as integrative treatment practices will be described. This will support respectful intervention practices based on each individual’s descriptive and biological profiles. 

Beyond the Yellow Brick Road!

Sharon Pierson, Docia Rojel, Arizona Division of Developmental Disabilities

The Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) has come a long way in data driven decision making, successful and measureable outcomes, accountability, fiscally responsible focused referrals/evaluations and more. We will share our challenges, (Dorothy had a few too) strengths (takes lots of courage) and lessons learned (thankfully we had the Scarecrow to help us).  Join us as we explore AzEIP’s journey to OZ and beyond!

SEEDs for Autism: A Model of Integrated Care in Transitional and Vocational Services 

Mary Ann LaRoche & Jennifer Espinoza, BCBA/LBA, SEEDs for Autism

A panel from SEEDs for Autism, including the Founder, a Board Member, a Volunteer, and a BCBA/LBA will discuss the SEEDs model for integrated care that provides transitional & vocational services – including working with schools, Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, BCBAs, Instructors who are working professionals in their field, and community partners. 

Advocacy Skills That Work: You Can Make a Difference 

Cynthia Thomas, All in the Family LLC
The focus of this training is to educate parents, families, and others in how to gain the practical skills needed to bring about and maintain change. The inherent value in advocacy training says you can make a difference and change the future for individuals and families whose life are touched by ASD.  The goal of this training is to show concrete steps to take that directly relate to being effective citizen advocates.

Cleanliness Training to Support Bathroom Hygiene

Kristen Byra, HOPE Group

The presentation will briefly discuss previous studies and extend the findings on the effects of simulation and correspondence training for teaching hygiene skills. The importance of a learner mastering this skill set will also be discussed and data will be provided. 

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